Neon Lockdown Sign

It’s that time of year again! Next week the HHVM Open Source team is beginning a lockdown. The next two weeks will feature beards, long hours, and performance wins. We’re excited to announce that this will be our first ever open source performance lockdown.

During lockdown we plan to focus our efforts on performance wins for Wordpress, Drupal, and MediaWiki. We’re confident these gains will translate to many other popular frameworks. We will be tracking our efforts through github issues, and measuring performance using our benchmarking tool.

Throughout the next two weeks we will continue to review pull requests and respond to issues, and will be prioritizing those related to performance. In particular we’re soliciting pull requests for any of our lockdown issues, as well as novel performance tasks we hadn’t thought to add. We hope you’ll join in and help us make this lockdown a success.

Performance lockdowns have been an HHVM tradition for many years, and we can’t wait to get the rest of the community involved. In addition to optimizing HHVM performance we’re also looking at ways we may be able to contribute back to these frameworks, and exploring the best practices for configuring HHVM to run each framework efficiently.


  • Wim Leers: Awesome, can't wait to see the results! :) It'd be particularly interesting to see how much faster the upcoming version 8 of Drupal will be, since PHP 7 is significantly faster than HHVM there: Feel free to ping me if you have questions regarding Drupal 8 :)
  • Ross: Seen the mistake a few times in this blog! It's 'a HHVM'.
  • z88: I'm wondering, do any shared host support HHVM/Hack? I can't find any. Is this something that shared hosts may do in future or would HHVM be a bad idea in shared environment? I love Hack, but I want my applications to reach masses, masses use shared hosting.
  • Paul Bissonnette: Our benchmarking suite was setup with Drupal 7. I'll see about making sure we get some numbers for 8 as well. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Paul Bissonnette: It's pronounced aitch-aitch-vee-em.
  • Paul Bissonnette: I know that both WP Engine and Kinsta host wordpress sites using HHVM but I don't think Hack would be an option in those cases. Heroku currently hosts HHVM sites and you should be able to write Hack there, I may be missing others.
  • PHP Annotated Monthly – May 2015 | JetBrains PhpStorm Blog: […] is available in the changelog. HHVM Open Source team is continuing a tradition of lockdowns announcing the first ever open source performance lockdown. They plan to focus their efforts on performance […]
  • Ewan Valentine: Any news on Doctrine compatibility?
  • Josh Watzman: It's passing about 99% of its own unit tests on HHVM: Most of the remaining failures are minor issues that don't come up in real-world code, e.g., HHVM differing very slightly in the wording of error messages, things like that. If you're hitting a real issue, please file an issue on GitHub: But most things are expected to work nowadays. :)
  • Spudley: Don't be a grammar nazi. Even the article you linked to closes on a pragmatic note: > No mat­ter. Just do your best to be a good com­mu­ni­ca­tor and move on!
  • Paul M: So wrt releases 3.8 will be the release to watch out for when it comes to a performance increase? Thanks
  • Danny van Kooten: Awesome - I love this tradition. Have been running HHVM for about a year now, about time I start giving back. I'll be keeping an eye on the issue list! :)
  • Ewan Valentine: Excellent, thanks for that! :)
  • André R.: Any news on this? or was it a Paul only lock down? *(given activity on issue tracker)* :)
  • Paul Bissonnette: Hi André! I can assure you it was not a solo effort! We're putting together some detailed notes on what we worked on, how we did, and how things are looking overall. Thanks for your interest!