Announcing the immediate release of HHVM 3.6.0. built upon our internal “Ballmer”, “Colbert”, and “Ditko” releases. This represents our second official LTS release following 6 months after the release of HHVM 3.3.

As we teased last month, HHVM 3.6 comes with lots of new goodies. In particular, many new Async features are now available by default including AsyncMySQL and MCRouter (memcache) support. Combined with existing support for asynchronous cURL, applications are now ready to deeply parallelize many common forms of costly data access.

The full NEWS file has the details of everything going into this release. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes — as always, file an issue on GitHub or join us in #hhvm on Freenode to chat about any problems.

Reminder: 3.3 will continue to be supported until the release of 3.9 sometime in September, while this new 3.6 branch will remain supported until next year with the release of 3.12 (or perhaps 4.something) in March 2016.


  • 404 - File not found: My Website responses "404 File not Found" running with HHVM and Apache, after I upgraded it to version 3.6. I installed HHVM again and restarted it many times, nothing solves the problem. Anton.
  • Gerald: What happened to the promised Mac OS X support?
  • Stefan Parker: Are you planning to support cas (compare and swap) or some other locking mechanism in MCRouter anytime soon?
  • castarco: How can we revert HHVM 3.6 to 3.5?
  • Josh Watzman: We're still working on it! No specific deadline in mind, but we *hope* to have something this half.
  • Josh Watzman: The debs are all archived on -- but keep in mind 3.5 is unsupported at this point (replaced by 3.6), and there are several security issues fixed in 3.6 which won't be backported to 3.5. We only support the most recent stable release, and our LTS releases, currently 3.3 and 3.6.
  • Gerald: Considering the number of people who develop on a Mac, both inside and outside Facebook, why hasn't this been given greater priority?
  • Josh: Why don't you work on it?
  • Phil: In my experience most people don't actually develop on the Mac itself. They generally run Virtual Machines (VMs) that mock production in a more reproducible model. If you are new to this look into a tool called Vagrant.
  • Josh Watzman: Because there are only so many of us on the team, and we've had higher priority things to deal with :)
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  • David: Same here. Any updates on this? Im using nginx though
  • jak usunac: Any updates on this? Im using nginx though