Today we released HHVM 3.3.1, our first update to our long term support release. This includes 30 commits.

The highlights:

  • Fixed crashes when using Enum.

  • Many typechecker fixes.

  • Default config file location is always /etc/hhvm/php.ini.

  • Fixes to the zend compat layer.

  • Memcached ASCII protocol fix.

  • Support custom stream wrappers in XMLReader::open().

  • Keep alive is ignored in FastCGI.

Security fixes:

  • CVE-2014-3670: Fix heap corruption in exif_ifd_make_value

  • CVE-2011-0752: Don’t allow extract() to overwrite $GLOBALS or $this

If you want a bugfix that is in trunk backported to 3.3.2, please send a PR against the 3.3 branch.


  • Hardik Shah: Hello, Do hhvm support php xml-rpc module of php Please reply me ASAP