Since the last roundup, our community has continued to produce some really cool projects using Hack. I’m really excited to have another long list to share with all of you!

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  • The Hack team and knowledgeable community members monitor the StackOverflow tag “hacklang” for questions, and we’ve gotten some good ones. In particular, I loved this question about converting some PHP code to Hack. It’s an extremely good question about thinking about how to write well-structured Hack strict-mode code; make sure to read the author’s comment on my answer about why the author’s code was structured that way.

  • In the same vein, as part of his groundwork framework rewrite mentioned above, Nathan Davidson wrote a great blog post about his experience with the conversion, including some insightful discussion of the finer points of a Hack conversion and what it means to be well-typed.

  • Knecht Rootrecht has started a German language Hack forum.

One reminder for anyone thinking of starting a new project in Hack: the type system itself is enforced by a separate typechecker, not by HHVM itself, so make sure you follow the directions on getting it set up, otherwise you’re missing out on a huge amount of the power of Hack!

Leave your thoughts down in the comments. In particular, please let me know what I’ve missed so I can feature it in the next post!


  • Raju: Hi, I am a php developer, new to HHVM HACK, i would like to learn HHVM HACK language, we are using Linux-Ubunto 13.10, I have few questions, Please help me out. 1) What is the text editor (IDE) to use hhvm hack language and how to download for ubunto 13.10 ? 2) how to complile hack code before exicute.? 3) do we have any coverter to convert existing php project to hhvm hack.? quick response is highly appreciated, thanks in advance, Raju, emai :
  • Josh Watzman: Hey Raju! 1. This was answered at Facebook also has our own IDE, FBIDE, that we are going to release at some point. 2. The directions on are pretty good. Once you have HHVM working, is how you start with Hack code. 3. This was answered at