We try our best to be a stable dependable runtime, but if you are reaching into the deep dark abyss of the PHP language, you might stumble upon a dark corner where we segfault or assert. First of all, we are sorry. Secondly, we would love you to report the issue, and if you can put together a small test case that is best. If it only reproduces under the full moon when you hold your head to the side and hop on one leg, then a stacktrace would be next best.

Before today, you had to compile the code by hand to get a useful stack trace. No longer! Using the same repo you normally use, add -dbg to the name of your package.

sudo apt-get install hhvm-dbg  # old faithful
sudo apt-get install hhvm-nightly-dbg  # the new hotness

The package is much larger, slower and has a bajillion asserts in it, so please don’t use it in production. Please DO use it for reporting stack traces and for diving into HHVM with gdb. Happy debugging.


  • bob: Why no freebsd package?
  • Paul Tarjan: Because I haven't gotten many requests for it and I don't know how to build for it. If you want to become the maintainer please add it to the wiki.
  • Jorge G: Why no MacOS package?
  • Luke: Thanks for making it easier for us to help improve this project!
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  • Thomas: Log trace can be found in /tmp with the following format /tmp/stacktrace..log