Been getting two or three spam comments/day.  They don’t get through because moderation is enabled.  They are an annoyance however, so I’ll be passing the annoyance on to you, dear reader, in the form of a very simple CAPTCHA.

When commenting you’ll get an additional input reading something like:

3 x four = [    ]

Performing the 2nd grade math will get your comment approved.  The spammers could probably work around this with some basic scripting, but I’m betting that they won’t bother.  If they do, there are other WP spam plugins out there.

The good news is that this plugin, like the FB plugin, also worked out-of-the-box with no special HipHop tweaks needing to be made.


  • Pippo: I saw some clever methods, like a "scroll to unlock" thing in place of any other standard captcha..
  • Ann: I have a idea of how to make comments private if have option I would like some help with this idea.