HHVM 4.168 (LTS) is released! This release has long term support, so:

  • this release will be supported for approximately 48 weeks
  • the next LTS will be released in approximately 24 weeks
  • HHVM 4.153 (LTS) and HHVM 4.165–167 remain supported
  • support has ended for 4.128 (LTS) and 4.164

Status of Ubuntu 22.04 support

We had intended for this release to have Ubuntu 22.04 support, but we are releasing without that support for now. Due to library version compatibility issues, we need more time to get this support working, and we did not want to delay the release for other platforms. We intend to make a 4.168.1 release with 22.04 support as soon as we get builds working on 22.04.

Note that our experimental universal packages (also available for version 4.168) are not affected by this issue and should be usable on any version of Ubuntu.


  • Fix a typechecker bug where enums that recursively include themselves were not being correctly rejected. (commit)
  • Fix a bug where a lint could spuriously report a variable was shadowed when that variable was not actually shadowed due to the potentially shadowing write happening in the body of a lambda. (commit)
  • Ignore case and don’t consider the class name when looking for ‘did you mean’ suggestions for invalid enum class labels. (commit1) (commit2)
  • Improve printing of unresolved types in typechecker errors; e.g. Expected Awaitable<[unresolved]> But got int becomes Expected Awaitable<_> But got int (commit)
  • Improve error message when accessing a shape with a value that’s not a literal or class constant. (commit)
  • Improve error message from linter that points out when all return statements in a function return the same value. (commit) Also make this linter stop firing on functions that could plausibly be returning unix exit codes. (commit)