HHVM will no longer support homebrew on MacOS going forward.

We are continuing support for it on LTS releases (4.128 and 4.153) until they reach EOL, but we are stopping nightly builds of HHVM on MacOS homebrew, will no longer be publishing MacOS homebrew packages for new releases, and will not be testing new versions of HHVM on MacOS going forward.

Why are we doing this?

We are dropping support for two reasons. First, Homebrew has proven difficult to support. Dependency versions change out from under us which require retroactive fixes and back-porting retroactive fixes to LTS releases. Second, due to the current state of HHVM ARM support we are not able to provide a good experience on M1 Macs.

I use HHVM on MacOS homebrew, what should I do?

We recommend users on Intel macs switch to using one of our docker images. We are unable to support M1 users due to the different architecture and limitations of Rosetta. Therefore, we must recommend use of an Intel linux host instead.