HHVM 4.161 is released! 4.157 - 4.160 remain supported, as do the 4.128 and 4.153 LTS releases.


  • Autocomplete stops offering type completions in top-level expressions, since no valid ones start with a type.
  • Fixes a typechecker bug that didn’t allow a trait with a require class C constraint to access the protected members of the parents of C
  • The docblock parser stops considering lines commented with // as part of the docblock if there are completely empty lines between that comment line and the definition being documented. This fixes some cases where file-level comments were being spuriously considered part of the docblock for the first thing defined in the file.
  • The apc_fetch_with_pure_wakeup, apc_store_with_pure_sleep, and apc_add_with_pure_sleep APIs were published. These allow interacting with APC while enforcing that the __sleep and __wakeup magic methods won’t observe global state or produce side-effects.