HHVM 4.154 is released! This release marks the end of support of 4.147; 4.148 - 4.153 remain supported, as does the 4.128 LTS release.


  • IDE hover now shows original error messages for FIXME’d errors
  • Fixed IDE hover for shapes (show the shape type) vs shape indexing (show the field type)
  • IDEs should now suggest a void/Awaitable<void> return type for functions that do not return a value
  • IDE error fix suggestions will now be provided regardless of if the error has a FIXME
  • The HHVM Python/GDB scripts are now able to print SrcKey structs
  • hphpd_break() and hphp_debug_break() can now be used in pure functions
  • stream_get_meta_data() no longer crashes debug builds of HHVM when called on a closed file
  • HH\Asio\curl_exec no longer has an unneeded exponential backoff

Breaking Changes

  • The --hphp command (used for creating hhvm.hhbc for repo auth mode) interprets paths differently. On previous versions of hhvm --module . would include the current working directory in the repo. You must now explicitly provide all directories and files with Hack code using multiple flags, for example --module src --module vendor --ffile public/index.hack.