HHVM 4.146 is released! This release marks the end of support of 4.138; 4.139, 4.140, and 4.143 - 4.145 remain supported, as do the 4.102 and 4.128 LTS releases. 4.141 and 4.142 were cancelled due to the holiday season.


  • If options to log or forbid dynamic calls to class (static) methods are enabled, logging/errors will no longer be raised by calls to static methods on reified generics, e.g. T::foo();.

Breaking Changes

  • Coeffect violations now throw a CoeffectViolationException instead of a BadMethodCallException; both extend LogicException.
  • It is now a parse error to declare a lambda/method/fuction parameter called $this; previously, any attempts to use it would be treated as references to the current object instance, not the parameter.
  • ob_get_contents(), ob_get_length(), ob_get_level(), ob_get_status, ob_list_handlers(), hphp_get_stats(), hphp_get_status(), hphp_get_io_status(), hphp_get_timers(), hphp_instruction_counter(), and hphp_get_hardware_counters() are now marked as [read_globals], so can no longer be called from ‘pure’ functions.
  • diamond hierarchies of traits (traits with a shared parent trait) are banned if the traits define generic properties as it can be unsound.