HHVM 4.136 is released! HHVM 4.131–4.135 remain supported, as do the 4.102 and 4.128 LTS releases.


  • Add IDE quickfix for missing interface methods.
  • The readonly feature is no longer considered unstable.
    • The readonly modifier is now also visible to the reflection API via the isReadonly() or returnsReadonly() functions.
  • The WriteHandle::truncate method is added to HSL to truncate files.
  • Various APIs in HSL are now considered pure or controlled and no longer require the defaults capabilities.
  • The noreturn type now can be upcasted to dynamic.

Breaking Changes

  • Methods with a private final modifier are not supported any more. Use private instead.
  • The partial typing mode is removed. This includes both support for <?hh // partial in .php files, and for .hackpartial files.
  • Raise an error when a trait is <<__ConsistentConstruct>> but does not declare an explicit constructor.