HHVM 4.114 is released! This release marks the end of support for 4.108; HHVM 4.109–4.113 remain supported, as do the 4.80 and 4.102 LTS releases.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented passing dynamic-typed arguments to some Hack Standard Library functions.
  • Fixed a bug where HHVM would crash when the negation (!) operator is used on some comparisons of array-typed values (e.g. !(vec[2,3,4] == vec[1,2,3])).

Future Changes

  • In a future release, we expect the typechecker to start enforcing that arguments provided to the <<__Sealed(...)>> attribute are actually existing subclasses/implementations of the annotated class/interface.
    • .hhconfig option to enable this behavior should become available in the next release.