HHVM 4.105 is released! This release marks the end of support for 4.99; HHVM 4.100–4.104 remain supported, as does the 4.80 LTS release.


  • Rust components are now built using Rust 1.51.0
  • Fixed several bugs in the new enum class feature
  • Improved runtime error message when too many arguments are passed to a closure: the function is now reported as Closure$func#num() instead of __invoke()
  • method overrides can now specify a more restricitve context than the original method definition
  • Functions in Hack collection methods now have defined coeffects.
  • hh_server’s compression model can be changed to ZSTD by setting the sharedmem_compression .hhconfig option to a ZSTD compression level; 3 is ZSTD’s default. This is essentially CPU vs memory tradeoff - large projects may wish to experiment with this option.
  • interface type constants can now be overridden by implementing classes.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the undocumented <<__ConstFun>> attribute.

Future Changes

  • A future release will be deprecating and later removing json_last_error(), json_last_error_msg(), and preg_last_error()
  • _with_error suffixed variants of all json/preg functions have been added and should be used instead for error checking. e.g. json_encode() has json_encode_with_error() and preg_match() has preg_match_with_error()