HHVM 4.102 is the last release where varray and darray are treated as distinct types from vec and dict. From HHVM 4.103 on, varray becomes an alias for vec, and darray an alias for dict (in HHVM 4.101 and 4.102, the INI option hhvm.hack_arr_dv_arrs=1 can be used to enable the new behavior).

To give users more time to migrate, we are promoting HHVM 4.102 to a long-term support (LTS) release. Similarly to other LTS releases, it will be supported until superseded by two regularly scheduled LTS releases. We expect these releases to be HHVM 4.128 and 4.152, in which case, 4.102 will be supported for ~ 50 weeks.

This replaces the regularly scheduled LTS release, HHVM 4.104, which will likely be a standard release (supported for 6 weeks). However, we might add one more unscheduled LTS release between HHVM 4.102 and 4.128 if it makes the migration from varray/darray to vec/dict easier.