HHVM 4.81 is released! This release marks the end of support for 4.75; HHVM 4.76–4.80 remain supported, as does the 4.56 LTS release.


  • A new built-in type AnyArray was added, representing the parent type of all containers that are values (vec, dict, keyset, varray, darray; does not include containers with reference semantics like Vector). It is a subtype of KeyedContainer.

Breaking Changes

  • The INI option hhvm.hack_arr_dv_arr_var_dump was removed. var_dump will now always output varray or darray instead of array.

Future Changes

  • Similarly to var_dump, var_export will also start distinguishing between varray and darray.
    • Use the INI option hhvm.hack_arr_dv_arr_var_export=1 to enable this behavior now.
  • Support for # comments will be removed in a future release. Use // or /* instead.
    • Shebang at the beginning of a Hack file will stay supported.