HHVM 4.32 is released! This release has long term support, so:

  • this release will be supported for approximately 48 weeks
  • the next LTS will be released in approximately 24 weeks
  • HHVM 4.8 and HHVM 4.27–4.31 remain supported
  • support ends for HHVM 3.30, the last HHVM release compatible with PHP

See also the new support lifecycle for older distributions.


  • Fixed an issue where some built-in functions, available at runtime, were not recognized by the typechecker (e.g. fb_intercept2, fb_serialize, xhprof_enable). See header file for the full list.
  • For developers: You can now use source $BUILD/hphp/hack/dev_env.sh to set up the correct environment for all OCaml tools (dune/cargo/opam/ocamlformat/…).
  • The HTTP server bundled with HHVM (Proxygen) now allows the MOVE method.
  • The type varray_or_darray (a helper type, only existing in the typechecker, for migrating from legacy arrays) now has two generic type parameters.
    • For backwards compatibility, it can still be used with a single generic type parameter, where varray_or_darray<T> is implied to mean varray_or_darray<arraykey, T>.
    • See recently updated guide for more information about legacy array migration types.

Breaking Changes

  • All types that can be iterated with foreach now extend a single Traversable interface.
    • Fully qualified name is \HH\Traversable, but since this is an “autoimported” type, the fully qualified name should never be needed.
    • Previously, there were two separate interfaces, \Traversable and \HH\Traversable, with most (but not all!) types implementing \HH\Traversable (an example exception is DOMNodeList which only implemented \Traversable).
    • The \Traversable and \Iterator interfaces (inherited from PHP) have been removed in favor of \HH\Traversable and \HH\Iterator. Hack code that refers to Traversable and Iterator with no leading backslash will continue to work unchanged, but code that had \Traversable or \Iterator needs to either remove the leading backslash or add \HH (note that this changes the behavior of the affected code, making it refer to a much larger set of iterable types).
  • Using HH\BuiltinEnum outside of built-in header files is once again disallowed by the typechecker (error 2053). This restriction had recently been lifted (in HHVM 4.28), but it is being reintroduced because we discovered some new runtime issues when the type is used.
  • The runtime config option hhvm.php7.int_semantics has been removed.