HHVM 3.30.8, 4.8.2, 4.12.1, 4.13.1, 4.14.1, 4.15.1, 4.16.2, and 4.17.1 are now available; these are non-urgent bugfix releases, containing fixes backported from later releases.

Versions Issue
4.16, 4.17 Fixed a bug where HackC would access shared memory (unneeded by HackC), leading to an exception being thrown.
3.30, 4.8, 4.12-4.14 Fixed a bug when using CLI server mode that could lead to CLI clients hanging forever when the script is finished.
4.8 Improve reliability when Xenon is enabled by using SIGPROF instead of SIGVTALRM, and by ignoring Xenon signals if received extremely early in HHVM startup
4.8 Fix crash when attempting to use repo-authorititative mode on MacOS