HHVM 4.9.1 is released, fixing a performance regression on MacOS. There are no significant changes on other platforms.

We have added additional apt distributions to make it easier to update to releases that are not the latest, but are still supported: for 4.3-4.9, we have added DISTRIBUTION-MAJOR.MINOR apt distributions. For example, if your /etc/apt/sources.list currently contains deb https://dl.hhvm.com/ubuntu bionic main, you can replace bionic with bionic-4.3, bionic-4.4 etc through to bionic-4.9.

Given all new releases have overlapping support, we are no longer handling LTS releases specially in apt; for example, the 4.8 series is available through bionic-4.8. We have not changed the distribution names for past releases, so 3.30 remains available through bionic-lts-3.30 instead of bionic-3.30.

We have also made similar changes to our MacOS bottles:

$ brew tap hhvm/hhvm
$ brew install hhvm # install the latest release
$ brew install hhvm-nightly # install the latest nightly build
$ brew install hhvm-4.8 # install the lastest 4.8.x

We have not renamed past releases, so 3.30 remains available as hhvm@3.30-lts in homebrew.