We recently finished our start-of-the-year planning, and here are some of the HHVM open source goals for the first half of 2017. Want to influence our priorities for the coming months? Fill out this survey .


We will resume posting blogs and releasing change logs to this site. Expect some interesting posts in the near future; there is a buildup of changes to blog about.

We will respond to communication received through:

  • IRC: We use the freenode channels #hhvm (for general use) and #hhvm-dev (for development related conversation). Note that we will be available during PST or PDT business hours (UTC-8 or UTC-7).

  • Facebook Groups: For times we are not available, or for longer running conversations, use the HHVM General and HHVM Internals (for development related conversation) groups.

  • Github: For bugs, and technical issues use Github issues to report them.

Please look for answers to your question before asking it. Most of the time, someone has already encountered your issue before.


We are looking to automate our open source packaging system, and create better tools for performance benchmarking of open source projects running on HHVM. This internal tooling goal will help us release HHVM packages in a timely manner, and allow us to reliably improve performance for external HHVM users.